The same, but not quite

Trivial Pursuit and Publicis keep you guessing for longer than you'd like.


“Ah, so close!”¬†Reminiscent of some other Trivial Pursuit ads out of France, Publicis Machine in Cape Town goes from iconic to comic in order to capture those moments when a person really feels like they know the answer.¬†Alas, sometimes it’s just not meant to be and they have to turn to Google. Bonus points for those who get these right away.


Brand: Trivial Pursuit
Agency: Publicis Machine, Cape Town, South Africa
Art Director: Joshua Foster, Andrew Ringrose, Brendan Hoffmann
Copywriter: Neil Meyer, Kenneth Van Reenen
Creative Director: Brendan Hoffmann, Kenneth Van Reenen
Planner: Sarah Mathews
Agency Producer: Callan Paul