Giving Ikea a run for its money

Campaign's chairs can be built in just three minutes (using no tools).

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Furniture shopping (when you’ve saved up enough to make a big purchase) can be a ton of fun. But that fun usually comes to a screeching halt when you have to deal with either transporting the items home or having them delivered to your doorstep. Shoving a new chaise up a staircase can be awkward and overwhelming, enough to make a person talk themselves out of making the purchase. That, in addition to the costs that can be incurred if a person decides to deliver, is exactly why Brad Sewell, who used to work at Apple as a design and manufacturing engineer, decided to launch Campaign furniture. His couches are made to be moved from store to home, or old home to new home, without any headaches. You can assemble his company’s couches (which are shipped for free) without using a single tool and in under three minutes. And apparently they hold up. Hey, if they’re making houses without nails these days, we can probably trust a chair without a couple screws.

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Via Fast Co. Design