Could Fast and the Furious 8 leave you spinning?

Warning: this trailer (by a Rethinker) may leave you nauseous.


Fast and the Furious 8 (if Rethink creative Jamie Umpherson has anything to do with directing it) will not just be about speed. There’ll be lots of spin, too.

The eighth iteration of the film is yet to have a director on board, with producer Neal Moritz telling Cinema Blend that it’s because the team is waiting “to be a little further down the development process on the screenplay before we bring in a director.” They’re still trying to “wrap our heads, 100%, about what the next Fast & Furious is.” So, while the Hollywood crew gets its stuff together, Umpherson has submitted his (unsolicited) audition to be the next director with a cut of what he envisions the next sequel should be about. Prepare to have a bag or bin nearby if you’re prone to car or sea sickness.