Lessons in quality

Saatchi & Saatchi uses dogs to teach us about Toyota's value.

Look here, millennials of the internet. It’s time to grow up and learn to be proper adults. We know it’s hard, but that means spending less time watching “Hotline Bling” parodies and GIFs of dogs in Halloween costumes and more time thinking about the stuff that will be important in our future. Like a car from Toyota, which the automaker says keeps its value longer than any other. And to get us to pay attention to what it has to say, it made a dog video.

This video by Saatchi & Saatchi uses a pair of pooches named Buster and Lola to show us the difference between pursuing things that provide instant gratification but eventually fizzle out, and those that last much longer due to quality, reliable construction.


Brand: Toyota Canada
Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi

Brian Sheppard: EVP, Executive Creative Director
Rachel Kennedy: Art Director
Shauna Roe: Writer
Rebecca Adams: Producer
Michelle Orlando: Head of Production
Kat Ledgett: Account Supervisor
Tony Ciccia: Executive Vice President, Group Director
Andreas Doerig: VP, Account Director
Someplace Nice: Production
Sean McBride: Director/DP

Editorial: Married To Giants
Jacqueline Pietrangelo: Editor
Monica Remba: Assistant Editor

Online & Transfer:  The Vanity

Vapor: Music
Brendan Quinn: Director, Vapor
Joey Serlin: President/Creative Director, Vapor

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