McDonald’s once had Robby Johnson on staff

Here's how the fast food chain helped pull the Canadian country singer out of poverty.
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It’s not every day that an up-and-coming musician would admit to being so poor he could barely feed himself, drinking water to suppress his appetite.

But Robby Johnson (a country singer born and raised in Saint-Georges, Quebec who now lives in Nashville) does just that in a new spot by McDonald’s Canada, with creative handled by N/A. While visiting his hometown and walking through the halls of his old high school and childhood home, he tells the audience how rough he had it growing up. He then goes on to reveal how McDonald’s, his first employer, had a hand in pulling him out of poverty. Before his first job with the fast food chain, he says he was malnourished and miserable.

And while he never did earn the title of “Employee of the Month,” we’re pretty sure he could claim “Former Employee of the Year” based on his more recent musical accomplishments.


Brand: McDonald’s
Agency: N/A