Students turn into walking radars

With more kids walking to school this year, Lg2 and SAAQ give drivers another reminder of why they should obey speed limits.
Screen Shot 2020-09-14 at 10.55.33 AM

You probably already know how fast you’re going when you see one of those radar-enabled speeding signs, but seeing it quantified in bright yellow or red numbers does have an effect on how most people drive.

Even though drivers have a speedometer right in their dashboard, the signs are usually effective in getting most drivers to slow down because the instant, personalized feedback snaps drivers out of auto-pilot and reminds drivers that other people can see that they are speeding.

However, that reduction is usually, on average, in the single digits. To make them even more effective, Lg2 and SAAQ are giving drivers another reminder: not just that they should slow down, but why.

Outside of a school in Quebec, some of the children walking down the sidewalk were not just carrying backpacks, but mobile versions of the radar signs. And though the video above is in French, English-speakers can get a pretty good idea of the impact the stunt had by the look on some of the drivers’ faces.

Luc Du Sault, partner, VP and CD at Lg2, says that getting drivers to slow down in school zones may be more important this year, as parents are encouraging kids to walk or bike to school in order to avoid the bus.