Sport Chek vs. drones, round three

Rethink and Kevin Pillar of the Blue Jays help with the retailer's vendetta against drones.

This is beginning to get out of hand.

After enlisting the Tampa Bay Lightning’s Steven Stamkos to use drones for target practice, and getting the Raptors’ Kyle Lowry to try one-up him, Sport Chek and Rethink recently headed down to Florida where the Blue Jays were holding their spring training to see if outfielder Kevin Pillar could also hit a moving, flying target. Pillar needs two tosses to hit one drone, which is a better shooting percentage than Stamkos, but just short of Lowry (who hit two drones with two shots). The baseballer’s throw is arguably the most impressive, as he hits a drone hovering between third base and the pitcher’s mound from all the way out in centre field.

So the real question is which Argos player is going to be the one to knock some flying cameras out of the sky?


Brand: Sport Chek
Agency: Rethink