A hand-knit holiday

Nothing makes the holidays better than a hand-made festive sweater.


executive CD: Lance Martin
digital CD: Peter Gomes
designer: Dave Luxton
writer: Jen Durning
AD: Dave Luxton
interactive programming: Michael Balders
illustrators: Huw Morris, Andrew O’Driscoll
motion graphics: Drew Matthews
photographer: Alison Garnett
audio production/scoring: Simon Edwards, Resolve Audio
interactive producer: Gaetano Carpino
account director: Jared Stein

Mini Canada had a challenge. It needed to figure out how to create an interactive space that gathered information from existing and prospective customers for future CRM programs while putting its own spin on the holiday season. So, it turned to Taxi 2, which came up with the answer: celebrating the ugly holiday sweater, a hand-knit hallmark of the holidays. There’s a cartoon tribute to garish knitwear on the Mini website, and Mini fans can upload their awkward family sweater portraits in a shareable photo gallery. And, in the true spirit of the holidays, Mini will give some lucky e-card senders an ugly festive sweater of their very own.