Metamorphose your ride

Vespa wants people to spread their wings with its scooters.


advertiser: Vespa – Canadian Scooter Corporation
creative director: Glen Hunt
art directors: Deborah Prenger/ Carson Ting
writer: Glen Hunt
prodco producers: Dolores Salken, Debbie Cooke
production house: Crush
producer: Amanda Loughran
music/sound: Grayson Matthews
online special effects: Aylwin Fernando
animators: Stefan Woronk, Chris Roth
animation house: Crush

Vespa busts out some psychadelic entomology with this groovy transformative spot. It just goes to show that its scooters can add a little bit of colour to some people’s otherwise bland lives. That’s right man, free yourself by blowing your mind. Mushrooms help, but so does a dope ride.