There are hockey fans and there are hockey fans. You know 'em when you see 'em.


advertiser: Visa
agency: TBWAToronto
CDs: Mark Biernacki, Steph Mackie
writer: Allan Topol
AD: Denise Cole
prodco: Untitled
director: Curtis Wehrfritz
producer: Margaret John

This spot for Visa was crafted by TBWAToronto and pays tribute to the hockey superfan. You know who we’re talking about. Everyone knows one or two of them - people who go to great lengths to celebrate hockey and usually have some sort of strange ritual they observe in order to express devout love of the sport. The spot is an extension of Visa’s ‘More People Go with Visa’ campaign. You know where we’d like to go? To a hockey game at the Air Canada Centre. Unfortunately we don’t have a dump truck full of cash lying around. We guess we’ll have to settle for painting ourselves blue and glueing maple leaves all over our body at home.   


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