Talking head

CCM helps Alexander Ovechkin get ahead in his career.


advertiser: Reebok CCM
agency: Cramer-Krasselt
executive CD: Chris Jacobs
writer/CD: Todd Stone
AD: Jim Root
producer: Dinah Goris
prodco: Backyard Productions
director: Kevin S. Smith
DP: Frank Martin
EP: Kris Mathur
producer: Pete Keenan
editorial co: jumP LA
editor: Bob Mori
MD: Dee Tagert
EP: Josianne Coté
assistant: Peter Judson
post/FX co: jumP LA
lead VFX/inferno artist: Amir Qureshi
MD: Dee Tagert
EP: Josianne Coté
assistant: Peter Judson
end animation: Transistor Studios
ECD/partner: James Price
senior AD: Jamie Rockaway
AD: Aaron Baker
associate CD: Aaron Baumle
EP/partner: Damon Meena
senior producer: Jesse Kurnit
telecine co: Company 3
colourist: Mike Pethel
EP: Rhubie Jovanov
audio post co: Lime
mixer: Mark Meyuhas
EP: Bruce Horwitz
producer: Jessica Locke

Alexander Ovechkin, one of the best hockey players in the world, isn’t really known as someone who loses his head. This spot by Chicago-based Cramer-Krasselt would indicate, however, that he did and it wound up on the top shelf of a high school student’s locker. Seemingly as dominating in personality as he is on the ice, he approves when the kid returns with a pair of CCM U + Crazy Light Skates, which Ovechkin directed him to purchase in order to improve his hockey game to win them both the championship.