Adam Barak is the two-face of Israel's Anti-Drug Authority.

Adam Barak lives a double life. In one he is a normal young guy, doing all the usual things a normal young guy living in Tel Aviv would do – going on dates, going to the movies, sleeping in. In the other he’s a drug addict – sleeping on the street, trying to score his next hit and generally being sketched out. All of this is visible on his Facebook profile, visible via Timeline. Each side of Adam’s profile shows pictures of himover the course of a year. Of course, Adam isn’t actually a real person, the profile is part of an anti-drug effort for Israel’s Anti-Drug Authority crafted by McCann Israel and makes interesting use of the new Facebook format. At least someone seems to have figured out how to make it work. We haven’t. We hope we’re not alone.

advertiser: Israel Anti-Drug Authority
agency: McCann Israel