Keyboard music fun

Dazed lets you synthesize music.

The list of ways you can waste time on the Internet is long and varied. Add to that list an enjoyable online music service called Field created in collaboration with Dazed & Confused magazine, L.A.-based music producer Nosaj Thing and design collective agency Fair. (Be forewarned, it told us you had to use Google Chrome to play.) Field turns your keyboard into a mini-synthesizer and light show. The onscreen displays react to your key tapping and mouse gliding; Dazed says the project was inspired by the Nike+ Fuelband. While being totally work safe, you may have some uncomfortable explaining to do if your immediate supervisor catches you transfixed on the low-resolution lights zigzagging around your computer screen.


Agency: Fair
Client: Dazed & Confused, Nike
Design: Dinahmoe
Music: Nosaj Thing


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