Anything for Hockey

Molson Canadian really gets its fan really.
anything for hockey

Canadians love their hockey. Fact. Canadians would do anything for tickets to a game. Theory. Molson Canadian and Rethink are testing that theory, asking fans what they’d do for hockey tickets. We assume the harder the market to get tickets to (say the Toronto Maple Leafs’ home ice), the more outrageous the sacrifice? Well, that’s a theory we’ll keep an eye on. There can’t be too many grandfather’s grandfather clocks out there.


Advertiser: Molson Canadian
Client: Chris Blackburn, Graydon Stock
Agency: Rethink
Creative Director: Aaron Starkman
Art Director: Joel Holtby
Writer: Mike Dubrick
Broadcast Producer (in house): Judy Hamilton
Production Company: Cartilage
Director: Brett Blackwell
Editor: John Evans
Director of photography: Brett Blackwell
Line Producer: Matt Kloske
Post Production House: Panic & Bob
Audio House: RMW
Producer (Audio House): Mark Rajakovic
Engineer: Art Mullin
Production Company: Cartilage