Santa, bunny

Peeps hijacks another holiday tradition.

Splash some red food colouring on ordinarily white Easter marshmallows, et voila, you’re ready to market your candies to the Christmas crowd. This U.S. spot by The Terri & Sandy Solution for marshmallow brand Peeps positions the chick-shaped delights as a new delicacy from Santa, by having him mimic another imaginary character (your parents told you, right?) as he loudly hops into homes with Candy Cane-flavoured Peeps. Good luck delivering presents undetected now Santa, what with the reindeer already making so much noise on their own.


Advertising Agency: The Terri & Sandy Solution, USA
Creative Directors: Terri Meyer, Sandy Greenberg
Art Director: Mark Forsman
Copywriter: Vincent Garbellano
Producer: Laura Benjamin
Production: Tool of North America
Director: Tom Routson
Editors: Chris Franklin, Bigsky Edit
Published: December 2013