Be a Man

Kommunal says that's the easiest way to get a raise.
Be A Man

Female readers, forget everything your parents taught you about working hard to make a good living… unless they taught you to have a sex change. Then you may be on your way to earning more money ($682 more each month in fact). In this “Be A Man” spot from agency Valontaire and Sweden’s largest union, Kommunal, make-up artists transform chairwoman Annelie Nordström into a masculine model. The International Women’s Day campaign is coupled with an app that encourages other women to take a stand and man-up by superimposing their face on a manly bod. Judging by the images so far, it likely wouldn’t be a pretty sight if all the women in Sweden were to change genders. Just sayin.


Advertiser: Kommunal
Agency: Valontaire