A.S. Colour's store window picks your best shade.
AS Colour

Decisions, decisions, decisions. Who needs ‘em? Sifting through racks of clothing, guessing which shirt suits you best is a drag. It would be nice if something or someone could decide (without you having to pay them) what clothes look good on you. Oh wait, there is, and it’s sitting in the window of A.S. Colour clothing stores in Australia. The digital screen, called “Colourmatic,” critiques the clothing you have on by taking your photograph and analyzing the clothing colours by its popularity and seasonal style, and then suggests an even better colour for you to try when you walk into the brand’s store. Now, should we wait until the brand comes here, or is it safe to say it’s worth jumping on a plane right now?


Brand: A.S. Colour
Advertising Agency: FCB, Auckland, New Zealand
Executive Creative Director Asia Pacific: James Mok
Executive Creative Directors: Regan Grafton, Tony Clewett
Copywriter: Matt Williams
Art director: Freddie Coltart
Designer: Matt Oak
Planner: Emma Popping
Account director: Karla Fisher
Head of content: Pip Mayne
Producers: Marijana Hart, Kelly Gillard
Editors: Reuben Boey, Marko Siraky
Camera: Jared Yearsley, Reuben Boey
GM PR & Activation: Angela Spain
PR account director: Kimberly Kastelan
PR account executive: Alisha Thomas