Unicorn magic

IndieJunior's tall tale of Unicorns and ice cream.

Let your imagination go unicorn wild in this spot by Leo Burnett for the IndieJunior in Portugal, which is a part of the IndieLisboa (International Independent Film Festival) and completely dedicated to kids. The moral of the commercial’s story is to never underestimate kids, they’re unpredictable and deserve a little more than a film about, say, the birds and the bees. We’ve said too much already, now watch the spot.


Advertiser: IndieJunior
Agency: Leo Burnett
Executive and Creative Direction: Luciana Cani
Head of Art: Nuno Salvaterra
Creativity: Steve Colmar, Nuno Salvaterra, Jaime Nascimento, Zé Gouveia, Manuel Crespo, Natasha Hellegouarch
Audiovisual Production Direction: Cristina Almeida
Production company: Stopline Films
Executive Producer: Francisco Saalfeld
Director: Telmo Vicente
DOP: Luís Branquinho
1st Direction Assistant: Luis Pedro
Head of Production: Susana Lourenço
Art Director: Rui Pina
Post-production coordinatior: Ricardo Montez
Off-Line Studios: Stopline
Off-Line Editor: Paula Miranda
On-Line Studio: Loudness Films
Sound Studio: Loudness Films