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Ikea puts pooches on display.
Ikea 5

There’s a reason you can’t say no to puppy dog eyes. They scream “hug me, love me, take me home.” And we’re willing to bet that if you saw a pair of puppy eyes peeking at you from behind the kitchen counter or bed in a showroom at Ikea, you’d probably fall in love. Or at least think, gee, little Rufus (or whatever name you like for a pup) makes the living room look like… a family room. If that’s so, then Home for Hope has done its job. The animal shelter and retailer in Singapore wanted to increase awareness of pet adoption and get people to think about taking home a home-less dog. So it printed cardboard cut-outs of the little guys and scattered them across the showroom. People could scan the QR code on the canines collars and then watch videos and find more background on the pooch in front of them.


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