Ice bar, baby

Coors Light brings Jean-Claude Van Damme back from the '80s.
Coors Light 2

You saw him do the unthinkable on a truck and in cargo pants. Now watch the great Jean-Claude Van Damme sport a mullet and ’80s Canadian tuxedo, while carving ice with his bare finger. That’s right, he’s at it again. This time though, the actor has made an epic video for Coors Light. The spot, called “Ice Bar,” shows Van Damme trying to recreate the beer brand’s refreshing, cold taste… but to no avail. Not even his house made of ice is cold enough — which, by the way, is open to visitors in London, Manchester or Austria (he’s “made” three so far). If the special effects weren’t so good, you’d think the ad was straight out of the ’80s. That’s how well Van Damme plays the role.


Advertiser: Coors Light
Agency: VCCP