Chew on this

5Gum plays with senses in shipping containers.

It’s no easy feat convincing someone to walk into a dark, dingy shipping container (especially not if they’re a Dexter fan). You never know what’s lurking behind those closed steel doors. And you’d probably never guess there’d be a virtual reality headset, Kinect camera, scented air and body harness ready to take you on a 3D ride through the different flavours of 5Gum. The stunt in the video above, put together by production agency Unit9 (which just launched a dedicated VR division) and BBDO Düsseldorf, shows brave souls venturing into 5Gum-branded shipping containers to explore futuristic, abstract and atmospheric worlds, each based on flavours peppermint, orange, citrus and berry. Talk about sensory overload. But why cut it short at four worlds for four flavours when you have a name like 5Gum?


Agency: BBDO Düsseldorf
Brand: Wrigley
Director: Robert Bader
Unit9 VR
Executive Producer: Ben Young
Project Manager: Pierre Trochu
Local Producer: Stefan Bader
Local Events Producer: Nicolas Jenkin Mönch
Technical Director: Yates Buckley
Tech Lead: Laurentiu Fenes, Kamil Cholewinski, Dimitris Doukas, Silvio Paganini
Lead VR Developer: Dmytry Lavrov
VR Developer: David Li, Karol Sobiesiak
Hardware Engineer: Mateusz Marchwicki, Christian Bianchini
Interactive Developer: Andre Venancio, Joao Sousa
Lead Back End Developer: Kamil Cholewinski
Back End Developer: Piotr Zalewski
Mobile Front End Developer: Krzysztof Lipiec
Sound Engineer: Axel Wagner
VR Design: Gabor Ekes, Sophie Langohr, Markos Kay, Sean Hobman, Julien Simshäuser
VFX: Tom Waterhouse
Realisestudio EightVFX Studio
UI Design: Jarrod Castaing, Steven Mengin, Karol Goreczny
Design: Steve McGeorge
UX: Laura Cortes, Dirk van Ginkel
Editor: Samuel De Ceccatty, Jakub Wesolowski
Quality Assurance: Peter Law
Stunt Coordinator: Marc Cass
Stunt Rigger: Simon Whyman, Gary Arthurs, Daryl Andrews
Art Director – Construction/Container branding: Owen Gundry
Construction Lead (Illusion Design & Construct LTD): Rory Evans
Spark: George Baker
Helmet Design (Artem): Andrew Freeman
Design Supervisor (Artem): Colin Foster
Production Assistant: Martha Ross
Location Scout: Martin Zillger
Runner: Lorenzo Vivoli
Product Design Intern: Yifei Chai, Felix Yarwood