Zombie proofing kit

Century 21 sells 300 pounds of anti-zombie technology on eBay.
Zombie 4

What’s with all the zombie precaution tools these days? Is there something we don’t know? Last week, we came across city maps for designated “zombie safe zones” if ever an undead apocalypse were to take place. And now, real estate company Century 21 has developed a “zombie proofing kit” that’s 300 pounds of pure walking corpse protection. The package, which is one of a kind, is up for bids on eBay (with the proceeds going to¬†Easter Seals). The kit contains galvanized boards for boarding up the windows and entrances to your home that are “strong enough to withstand hurricane force winds or prying dead fingers” and “guaranteed to outlast even long lasting outbreaks.”¬†If you value your life, then you best hurry: the auction closes tomorrow at 7 am.


Brand: Century21
Agency: Mullen