Merry ****ing Christmas

Some people have had it with the holidays.

Okay, you have holiday fatigue and we’ve got holiday fatigue. Between the incessant “Christmas classics” playing in every store and a deluge of feel-good seasonal ads (don’t look at us, you shared them too), we’re just about ready for the holidays to be over with. And so do the people in Oral B’s holiday ad currently running in the U.K. Between dinner disasters, decorating mishaps and (most tragically for this time of year) running out of bubbly, these folks have had just about enough of being festive and no longer have the energy to hide it.


Brand: Oral B
Agency: Publicis London
Creative Directors: Noel Sharman, Steve Glenn
Art Director: Ben Smith
Copywriter: Dan Kennard
Editor: Matt Chodan
Director: Stephen Pipe, Tantrum