No More uses emotional outtakes to send a message.

It’s rare that the outtakes from a commercial shoot end up being just as emotionally striking as the original campaign. No More, a group founded by the Joyful Hearts Foundation to combat domestic violence and sexual assault, launched a series of ads in the fall featuring athletes, actors and musicians putting their foots down and saying “no more” to common excuses used to justify these crimes.

Now, agency Y&R has taken the outtakes from those ads, showing the spokespeople nearly breaking down between takes and struggling to compose themselves as they prepare to discuss the reality of what victims have to hear every day. While the new campaign features 30-second compilations of different people’s outtakes cut together, the really hard-hitting spots are the ones that feature a single individual. Seeing NFL Hall of Famer Cris Carter, Hilary Swank or tough TV cops Christopher Meloni and Mariska Hargitay more vulnerable than we’re used to seeing celebrities be in a PSA drives home the fact that we all need to toughen up and talk about the subject, no matter how hard it is.


Brand: No More/Joyful Hearts Foundation
Agency: Y&R New York, USA
Editor: Steve Jess, Wax
Copywriter/Art Director: Rachel Howal