Coffee Shop Freelancers

No need to get off your bum. Let these decals sell your skills for you.
laptop decals 1

Once or twice we’ve (silently) scoffed at some poor fella piggybacking a body billboard. And sometimes we roll our eyes when we’re stuck behind a billboard on wheels (you know, those obnoxsciously bright boards planted on the back of a van?). But this new “mobile” marketing tool from Christophe Gonzalez, founder of Belgium startup Coffee Shop Freelancers, certainly got the better side of our attention. The stick-on laptop decals provide a way for regular coffee shop loiterers to sell themselves from their seat. Copy like, “Need creative writing? Talk to me.” cleverly promotes a person’s skills without them ever needing to even make eye contact. It’s a pretty great idea, not too abrasive and, compared to the walking billboard suit, a lot less humiliating.