Pay this car ad some attention

Trust us, Skoda Fabia will make it worth your time.

We’ve seen enough car ads to know what tricks auto brand will pull to get our attention. Sometimes they’re worth the 60 seconds of your life, but other times, they’re (definitely) not. This commercial, for Skoda Fabia in the U.K., is the former, and certainly deserves a round of applause for stealing our attention without us even realizing it. We’ve already said too much.


Brand: Skoda Fabia
Agency: AIS London
Art Director: Jay Packham
Copywriter: Ian Cochran
Director: Luke Bellis
Producer: Ben Sullivan
Production Manager: Carmen Siu
Production Company: MindsEye
1st AD: Jonathan Sidwell
Director of Photography: Dan Stafford-Clark
2nd AC: Harry Wheeler
Gaffer: Stefan Mitchell
DIT: Nelson Oliver
Art Department: Hayley Macdonald
Art Assistant: Ruth Pickard
Post Production: Tundra*
Head of Post: Espen Haslene