S7 Airlines borrows imagination from kids

So, apparently, we live on a planet with chocolate lakes?

This is planet Earth. There are no secret underground worlds, no mermaids, no giant sandpits and certainly no chocolate lakes. Well, if you have no imagination, that is. But Russia’s S7 Airlines sure does, and to show that you can too, it’s created a spot (with the help of Wieden & Kennedy) that likens some of the things that a focus group of kids have conjured up in their minds to some of the planet’s wildest places. Buckle up folks, this is a bit of a (goose) bumpy one.


Brand: S7 Airlines
Chief Marketing Officer: Tatiana Fileva
Marketing Communications Director: Eleonora Romanova
Brand Manager: Alexandra Komarova
Agency: Wieden & Kennedy
Executive Creative Directors: Mark Bernath & Eric Quennoy
Creative Directors: Daniel Schaefer & Szymon Rose
Art Director: Vasco Vicente
Copywriter: Evgeny Primachenko