I love what you’re wearing

Skip skips through wardrobe changes and blows us away.

skip saWe’re not, by any means, laundry wizards. We throw delicates in with the not-so-delicates, have no idea when to use the perm-press setting and almost always get confused as to which item of clothing needs to be hung up and which needs to be folded. That is why we’re loving this new YouTube video from South African laundry detergent brand Skip. Not only is it educational, it’s almost highly interactive and fun to watch (we do love a good choreographed routine). Every time you click on the video, it changes up what’s shown on the screen, and even shares the basics when it comes to looking after different fabrics (as worn by the twirling ladies).


Brand: Skip South Africa
Agency: Blink
Director: Luis Cervero