Ice Men with organs on the street

Beneficencia Portuguesa just made the best stunt video we've seen.
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Marketers, creatives and anyone else in advertising, take note: this is how you make make an emotional, share-worthy video of a stunt. This is how you take a one-day event that only a handful of people get to experience and create an anthemic piece that has the potential to move thousands, if not millions.

One hot day, on the streets of Sao Paulo, locals were confronted by icy structures shaped like men. Inside each of these “Ice Men” lay an organ, placed there by the Beneficência Portuguesa Hospital and its agency DM9DDB. “We used them as an analogy to the human body. As the ice melted, the organs remained intact, and each featured the message ‘Life goes on. Be an organ donor,’” explained Manuel Coelho, executive superintendent of marketing at the hospital. What the agency did next was remarkable, turning the footage from the day into an inspiring, beautifully written piece that puts everything into perspective.


Agency: DM9DDB
Brand: Beneficência Portuguesa Hospital
Creation: Marco Versolato
Director of Creation: Léo Macias, Zico Farina
Copywriter: Ricardo Salgado
Director of Art: Bruno Trad
Broadcaster Production: Fabiano Beraldo, Luciano Rocha e Fernanda Peixoto.
Account Management: Marcelo PassosTânia Pena
Media: Adrian Ferguson, Felipe Snege, Camila Teixeira, Thais Abreu e Camila Carvalho
Producing Image: Zeppelin
Director: The Wolfpack
Producing Audio: Jamute
Approved by: Manuel Coelho