The Mad Men Experience

Google and Lionsgate aren't letting the show finish without a bang.

mad men 12Admit it. Ever since the first episode of Mad Men showed up, you’ve been Googling “How can I dress like the characters in Mad Men?” or “What do they drink?” (even if you’re not an ad guy or gal). We have. Google knows this, as well as exactly how many times, thanks to its Search Trends. The company even knows which hairstyles were the most popular among searches¬†(spoiler: it was Don Draper, with Betty Francis and Joan Harris coming in second and third). So with all this data from Google, and a ton of never-before-released¬†Mad Men footage from Lionsgate, the two came together to produce The Mad Men Experience, an online portal chock-full of content, from storyboards to photography and mini-features, for show fans to binge on just before its AMC season finale on May 17. Try to hold back the tears, will you? It’s really not that bad – you can just spread it out and dig through the site over the next few weeks (and postpone the tears for a little while longer).


Brands: Lionsgate/Google Play