The worst drink in the world

What is it like to drown? Tribord made a drink to show you.

Didn’t your parents ever teach you that you’re not invincible? It is possible to fall off a boat. And there is a chance that you could drown if you’re not wearing a life jacket. As common knowledge as this is, some people (in fact, one in three) will board ship without protective wear. So Tribord (a French brand that makes water sports safe with its line of products) and agency Rosa Park recently created what the brand lovingly calls “The worst drink in the world” or, it’s official name, Wave.┬áIt then cheekily visited harbours and invited pedestrians to sample the drink. We won’t give away the secret ingredient though, you’ll just have to watch the video. But here’s a hint: it has the distinct taste of drowning.


Brand: Tribord
Agency: Rosa Park