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Scouts South Africa uses few words to make a spine-chilling statement.

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The most powerful ads are the ones that need very few words to get its message across. This spine-chilling advert for Scouts South Africa, by agency Not Norm in Cape Town, brings viewers into what is possibly the most frightening thing anyone can experience: a near-drowning. The only sound you hear in the commercials are the waves crashing as a young girl fights for her life in the ocean, which is then broken by a piercing buzzing sound as a young boy attempts to do CPR on her. If that’s not a chilling enough scene to watch, keep going until you reach the end when the powerful message comes through.


Brand: Scouts South Africa
Agency: Not Norm, Cape Town
Executive Creative Director: Gavin Whitfield
Production: Velocity Cape Town
Director: Gregg Bailey
Producer: Kathleen Browne
Executive Producers: Karen Kloppers and Helena Woodfine
DP: Jamie Ramsay
Postproduction: Deliverance
Editor: Anthony Martin
Music/Sound: The Workroom

Via Adweek