Dinner for two

Kate Spade enlists a feminist activist to put Anna Kendrick at ease.

Kate Spade’s “#missadventure” series of short films showing Anna Kendrick making the best out of bad situations have always featured the actress being almost immeasurably charming in her self-deprecating silliness. So we’ll understand if it seems a bit strange to pair her with one of modern history’s most prominent civil rights activists (at least at first).

When Kendrick finds herself flying solo after a date cancels on her, she attempts to cut through the awkwardness of eating alone by striking up conversation with her dog and gnome-shaped Kate Spade purse. She also tries to sneak a peak at who could be “more of a regular” at the restaurant than she was and got the privilege of sitting at her usual table, prompting that person to stand up and start a conversation with Kendrick directly.

For those of you who made better life choices than this Stim writer and didn’t do a liberal arts degree, the person at Kendrick’s regular table is journalist, civil rights activist and leading figure of the feminist movement in the 1960s and 70s Gloria Steinem. Steinem joins Kendrick for dessert, letting her know eating alone is liberating, and not something to be ashamed of. And if you’re wondering why the right to dine alone is a civil right, you can listen to Steinem explain it herself in one of the interviews (below) she did with the brand as bonus content for the campaign.


Brand: Kate Spade
Agency: HēLō