Outlaws of Belstaff

The brand just made a film within a film, starring David Beckham.

Flashy fashion ads with models prancing around, staring directly at the camera as a slick song plays in the background, is so passé. Today, fashion brands are making movies. Take this one, created by Legs Media for clothing company Belstaff from England, which features retired-football-player-turned-various-brand-spokesmodel David Beckham, not really prancing, but rather, dancing with danger as he tries to hide from a menacing gang of bounty hunters.

The 15-minute short, called “Outlaws,” took six days to shoot in and around Mexico City, and follows the adventure of Beckham, a drifter, as he finds himself inside a film that’s playing at an all-night cinema (yes, that’s right, it’s a film within a film). Trouble ensues and the rest is up to you to watch below. And while you’re at it, check out the website for interviews with the team behind the film, and if you happened to drool over Beckham’s… um… jacket, then head over to this page to buy, buy, buy (cause that’s the whole point of this exercise, right?)


Brand: Belstaff
Production Company: Legs Media
Director: Geremy Jasper
Executive Producers: Adam Joseph, Tom Berendsen
CD (Legs): Geremy & Georgie
Producer: Paul Laurens
Editorial Company: Final Cut
Editor : JD Smyth
VFX Company: Significant Others
VFX supervisor: Dirk Greene
Color: Color Collective
Colorist: Alex Bickle
DP: Michael Ragen
Original Music (Legs): Geremy Jasper & Jason Binnick