Not any ordinary dummies

Acura makes safety (real) personal.

This is just a standard safety commercial for a car brand. There’s an engineer, a vehicle, a test facility and a family of crash test dummies. Except that they’re not really any ordinary group of dummies. They’re as life-like as they come, down to the little girl’s strands of hair blowing in the wind and the crystal blue eyes of the father. You kind of start to think that Acura is about to tell you that its cars are safe enough for anyone, but you don’t really anticipate the closing line to do such a good job at basically making you want to grab the tissue box before making a call to the nearest Acura dealership (well, that’s what it did to us, at least). Now that’s good copy.


Brand: Acura
Agency: Mullen Lowe, USA
Chief Creative Officer: Mark Wenneker
Executive Creative Director: Margaret Keene
Art Director: Paul Foulkes
Copywriter: Chris Ford
Producer: Dustin Oliver

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