Hydration magic for everyone

S'Well shows how magical water balloon fights in a gallery can be.

screen shot 2015-11-30 at 9.45.28 pm

It was just an ordinary day, in an ordinary art gallery, with ordinary people having an ordinary water balloon fight. The scene is enough to convince anyone to push play on the video below, but when we tell you that the entire experience is shot in super slow motion, you’ll probably want to skip the next few lines. The short holiday film for water bottle S’Well, called “Hydration Magic,” is unlike any other that’s come out this year. There is no tinsel, no snowmen, nor a delightful tug-at-your-heart-string storyline. It’s just plain unadulterated water balloons smashing into faces, fancy art, gallery walls and everything in between. And no one seems to mind the mess. Are we missing something here?


Brand: S’Well