One day, the kids will understand

Forget millennials. Schweppes wants to talk to you, Gen X.


Remember the days when music was recorded on a plastic cassette? When you could only tell if a man or woman liked you from their body language, not their social media “likes” and “pokes”? Or when every house in your neighbourhood had only one phone (gasp) with two or three connected lines? If so, then you must be in your late 30s/early 40s, which makes you the prime target for Schweppes’ new campaign that mixes humour with a dollop of nostalgia and a pinch of aspiration.

The spot below, by┬áDel Campo Saatchi & Saatchi Argentina and called “One day you’ll understand,” is sort of an anthem for Generation X, with its look at the past and celebration of the future. It essentially “highlights how life has evolved, but the quality and enjoyment of Schweppes has not,” according to a release from the agency. And it’s definitely not making us feel old at all.