Turning screaming tots into discounts

Cry for me baby! Every time a little bambino let out a wail on this JetBlue plane, the airline gave passengers 25% off their next flight.

According to research from MullenLowe, the ad agency for U.S. airline JetBlue, 40% of adults in the U.S. say they’re annoyed when a baby cries on a plane, which, frankly, seems a bit low. Perhaps they got a particularly empathetic sample that understood most parents travelling with children don’t actually want that baby and are doing all they can. That’s what one mom said in the agency’s latest, which found a way to turn the negative around screaming babies into a positive ahead of Mothers’ Day.

Perhaps taking a cue from WestJet, its low-price alternative airline cousins to the north (that’s known for its emotional “giftvertising” spots around holidays), JetBlue informed the grumbling passengers on a six-hour flight from New York to California that every time a baby cried, they’d receive a 25% discount on their next JetBlue flight. That meant by the time the fourth baby cried during the plane’s descent, everyone’s next flight was free, which meant the babies’ wails were met with applause instead of the avert gazes and annoyed sighs their moms might be used to getting.


Brand: JetBlue
Agency: MullenLowe

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