Do boobs make coding harder?

Girls Who Code highlights the unconscious bias we have about women in tech.

Girls Who Code is a non-profit that makes coding more fun for young women, which is something that is desperately needed. That’s because research suggests that at if you were to go to your local college or university and look at this year’s class of computer science graduates, only one in five of them would be a woman. It appears this stems from youth, with girls in high school ranking computer science and engineering fields among the least interesting to them.  A new series of videos, by McCann New York, takes a tongue-in-cheek look at some of the things that might be getting in their way.

Even though we’re sure some women working in tech have had to put up with comments similar to those in the video, most of the males reading this are probably having a chuckle about how ridiculous they are. But even if you’re not one of the ones saying them outright, the videos are a reminder of some of the assumptions that might be behind your assessments of the abilities of female coders.

And if it’s making you uncomfortable to hear young girls talk about things like this, imagine how it feels for them to hear these messages from the media and the people around them about what a coder is “supposed to” look like.


Brand: Girls Who Code
Agency: McCann New York