Daredevil dogs in Dylon’s colourful creative

Changing clothing colours is as easy as throwing bulldogs through hoops.
dog dylan

Dylon Dyes of London has just entered the German market, in ludicrous style. And we love it.

The Herezie-created spot below (which is meant to illustrate how the company’s products can revive the colours of your favourite garments) is not your typical dye demonstration creative. It involves a bulldog. He/she is wearing human clothing. The poor thing is being filmed, in slow motion, flying through the air, and through a circus-style hoop. Need we say more?


Brand : Dylon Dyes (Henkel - Daniele Paoli, Jarmila Gogalova)
Agency : Herezie
Executive creative director : Andrea Stillacci
General manager in charge of strategy : Luc Wise
Artistic director : Sonia Presne
Copy writters : Joseph Dubruque et Axel Didon
Business Director : Julia Nguyen
Account executive : Anaïs Courbez
TV Producer : Barbara Vaira
Production : Markenfilm GmbH & Co KG
Director : Luzian Schlatter
Producer : Sandra Garsztecki
Production director : Nicklas Krüger
DOP : Pascal Walder
Sound production : Diner au Motel
Composer : Eraldo Bernocchi/Lorenzo Esposito Fornasari