Never line up at a bar again

Smart ice cubes from Martini detect empty glasses and submit requests for refills, effectively making bar patrons lazier than ever before.


Plastic ice cubes, in this Stim writer’s opinion, inspire the heebie-jeebies. There’s just something icky about a piece of plastic floating in your drink. Especially the ones that light up, which are just begging to induce a seizure. However, I might want to change my tune after seeing this little guy in action.

The “Smart Cube” is exactly that – smart. And it was created by alcohol brand Martini to help thirsty folk avoid having to line up at the bar. That’s because it can detect when your glass is empty and then, using its fancy beacon and GPS technology, it can call for another round, effectively allowing bar patrons to keep sipping away without having to leave their seats. Slothful drinkers also remain loyal to the drink (and brand, in this case, Martini) they originally ordered, which means no mixing and less pain the next morning (in theory).

To watch the cube in action, click here.


Advertiser: Martini
Advertising Agency: AMV BBDO, Italy