Would you die for a Whopper?

Burger King's new ad makes light of trading freedom (and, it would seem, your life) for one of the iconic burgers.

How good is a Burger King Whopper?

Uh, apparently it’s good enough to die for. Oh, and release a serial killer (or someone along those lines) out into society without a second thought.

You might be thinking, “Uh, what?” Yeah, trust us, so were we. The new digital and TV spot for Burger King France depicts a death row inmate (cheery!) requesting a Whopper combo for his last meal. The guard is so taken by the sight of the Whopper that he makes a swift trade — his freedom (and presumably, life) for the meal. The convict is seen driving off, probably to go find a Burger King drive-through, because what else would you do with your newfound freedom?

We don’t exactly remember seeing this episode of Orange is the New Black before.

Anyway, we just want to go on the record stating that we think the guard may have gotten the short end of the stick.

(If you’re into that kinda stuff, this photo series on famous inmates’ last meals is pretty much the most unsettling food photography you’ve ever seen).


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