Holograms with a human touch

Rosapark displayed the true beauty of Brussels: its people.

For some reason, people just aren’t going to Brussels these days.

Despite being located centrally in Europe (close to Paris, London and Amsterdam), Brussels is currently in 12th place as the most popular European tourist destination. An estimated three million visitors flock to the Belgian city per year – and train company Thalys wants to bring those numbers up.

Thalys paired with Rosapark to showcase the beauty of Brussels by putting its citizens on a pedestal. Literally.

The brand and agency set up a “Holobooth” on the Mont des Arts in the heart of Brussels. The futuristic photobooth captured a 360-degree likeness of the people standing in the booth and, within two minutes, generated holograms in their image. The holograms were projected at five metres high with the phrase, “In Brussels, the real monuments are its people.”

More than 3,000 visitors came to view the holograms generated, which totaled nearly 500.


Client: Thalys
Agency: Rosapark
Co-founders: Jean-Patrick Chiquiar, Gilles Fichteberg et Jean-François Sacco
ECD: Gilles Fichteberg & Jean-François Sacco
General director: Delphine Drutel
Group account director: Aurore Cornen
Account manager: Camille Hemet
Account executive: Tristan Blondeau
Copywriter: Nicolas Gadesaude
Art director: Julien Saurin
TV producer: Thomas Laurent
Production: Sovage
Producer: Willy Morrencé
Production director:Lorette Delva
Director: Julian Nodolwsky
DOP: Nicolas de St Quentin
Post-production: Firm
Technology: Orbis
Director: Yvan Touhami
Account manager: Anthony Damario