Make it a great morning

Stresser Colchões can't make those stressful texts disappear, but it can make it easier to handle.

Raise your hand if you’re the “morning panic” type. You know, the type to open your eyes and spend approximately 0.468 seconds basking in glorious sunlight before the freak-out you managed to ward off for eight hours (eight if you’re lucky) sets back in?

“Crap, I have that presentation today.”

“Oh no, I have three different appointments today.”

“Great, another day, another deadline.”

“Company’s coming and I still haven’t cleaned up…”

Face it, there will always be things to worry about. Ideally, though, we probably shouldn’t worry about them first thing after we wake up. Brazilian mattress company Stresser Colchões’ new print ad depicts how different your approach can be to a stressful morning text when you’ve had a good night’s sleep. Whether it’s a big meeting at work or a surprise visit from family, the sleepyheads in the creative all seem to be pretty cool under pressure, regardless of the hour.

Agency Guarda Comunicação handled the creative, which gives off such a soft, cozy vibe that even the scariest text of all (“Good morning. Can we talk?”) feels as luxurious as breakfast in bed.

good_night2 good_night4_2 good_night


Brand: Stresser Colchões
Agency: Guarda(Chuva) Comunicação
Creative director: Carlos Mallmann
Art director: Vinicius Natel de Camargo
Copywriter: Mariana Rosa