Always shows what it really means to be a girl.
Like a Girl

So maybe some girls are dainty runners and some may have a cowardly way about how they hit a ball. But that’s what makes them girls. And P&G brand Always is hoping to make that a good thing, no longer a derogatory thing, with a new spot (which Leo Burnett’s Judy John acted as global CD on) that shows a series of interviews with girls acting like, well, girls and attempting to change the perspective of what it means to be a girl (they don’t all awkwardly throw balls, some have a pretty killer follow-through). There’s some truly inspirational words from the young interviewees about what girls, whose confidence tends to plummet right after puberty, should do to empower themselves. Kind of makes this Stim writer wonder why I made such a fuss about not being born a tomboy. Being a girly-girl ain’t so bad after all.


Advertiser: P&G – Always
Agency: Leo Burnett (Chicago, London and Toronto)