A back-to-the-land brand film

Clorox's 360-video tour of the original Burt's Bees cabin shows a brand maker in his element.


On one side of the spokesman scale, you’ve got your Steve Jobs, your Bill Gates. At the other end, you’ve got Burt Shavitz.

Shavitz’ face is all over Burt’s Bees, the brand he semi-accidentally founded as a beekeeper in Maine. While he sold his share in the enterprise back in the 1990s, his all-natural, live-off-the-land vibe permeates it to this day as Clorox manages its global cosmetics and wellness portfolio.

Shavtiz died back in 2015, but footage from a documentary now populates an interactive, 360-degree video tour of the cabin he lived in (which has been transplanted to the brand’s headquarters in North Carolina). The tour is nothing new on the technological side, with clickable hotspots spawning brief vignettes of Shavtiz chopping wood, talking about his dog or reminiscing about selling honey on the side of the road. But Burt’s laid back attitude, completely unconcerned with selling the brand, is really compelling.

The virtual tour is a collaboration between Google, Baldwin& and MediaMonks.