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Get your free kitten mittens

HIV Community Link and Village Brewery euphemize safe sex at the Calgary Pride.


Made with purpose

This campaign for an L.A.-based jerky maker by Calgary’s Evans Hunt makes a case for family-run businesses.


Village Woes, with real tears from the 6

Evans Hunt went beyond the meme and created a Drake-inspired brand and brew for the Village Brewery.


Can you tell the difference?

Cut from a fall or a jealous boyfriend? Evans Hunt jumps on a meme to show the realities of domestic abuse.


Constructing reality with wires

Artist Yuichi Ikehata blurs the line between art and reality.


The sweetest type

A hand-crafted typeface that’s dripping in honey.


Stuff couches, not animals

This artist uses found materials to make animal-friendly taxidermy.


Say it with coffee stains

Complete these postcards with your favourite brown ring.

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Rush hour becomes art hour

Stockholm puts the world’s longest art gallery in its subway.


Candy for ad folk

Evans Hunt created sweetheart candies to woo the industry.