Tomas is trippy

If you like surreal, cracked-out animations that are reminiscent  of a really bad drug-addled nightmare then this one's for you.


advertiser: Quartet Books
agency: The 7th Chamber

Crazy laughing people with hyena heads, Tommy guns, booze and women so well-endowed that they have to balance their assets on dinner trays with wheels - this little acid trip of an animated viral vid has it all. Seeded by London-based The 7th Chamber, it’s to promote the first novel from James Palumbo called Tomas. A clever criticism of the current financial climate, it takes a journey into the shallowness of wealth and the pitfalls of the champagne-fuelled jungle. If having lots of money involves alcohol, shooting guns, hysterical hyena heads and women with really big…well…you know, then we want absolutely nothing to do with it. Okay…maybe that’s not true, but we could probably do without the cackling hyenas.