1000 Things

Deutsche Telekom does it your way.


advertiser: Deutsche Telekom
agency: Tribal DDB Hamburg
CCO: Hans Albers
exec CD: Catrin Florenz
TV producer: Jens Mecking
copywriter: Nikolai Baradoy
AD: Edith Heigl, Björn Halfmann
prodco: The Mob Film Co. (Manchester & LA)
director: Paul W.S. Anderson
DoP: Vern Nobles
producer: John Brocklehurst
head of production: Mark Collins
production manager: Dave Birchall
editorial: My Therapy
executive producer: John Ramsey
editor: Doobie White
audio: Haslinger Productions
colour grading: COLR
executive producer: Gerry Legros
colourist: Joe Wenkoff
junior colourist: Eric Barnett
stereoscopic post production: Topix
executive producer: Sylvain Taillon
producer: Cathy Jefferies
VFX supervisor/lead artist: Rob Del Ciancio
junior stereoscopic compositor: Matt Dochstader
digital information technician: André Kassermelli
visual effects CG specialist: Dominic Remane
VFX animator: Emrah Gonulkirmaz

This visually stunning spot was crafted for Deutsche Telekom by Tribal DDB in Hamburg and directed by none other than Paul WS Anderson, the man responsible for epic classics like Death Race and Resident Evil. The spot promotes the brand’s new IPTV program that allows viewers to decide for themselves what they want to watch and when. It stars Christoph Waltz, the Academy Award-winning actor from Inglourious Basterds