The Old Spice Guy's in the giving spirit.

The Old Spice Guy is back just in time for the holidays. Infused with the giving spirit, he has adopted the holiday mantle of Mantaclaus to bring goodwill and gifts to all seven billion people on the planet. Developed by Wieden + Kennedy, the above video features Mantaclaus showing off a present he made for an internet friend who likes necklaces and high-heeled lady shoes: high-heeled lady shoes made out of necklaces. The videos below show another gift that Mantaclaus made for 25 of his closest internet friends and the subsequent infomercial made to sell it to the rest of the world, as well as special videos Mantaclaus for Baltimore and Australia, and a Day 1 progress tracker. For more Mantaclaus vids, stay tuned to the Old Spice YouTube channel.


advertiser: Old Spice
agency: Wieden + Kennedy